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Ittrium Cryptocurrency | Perth Web Services - Jordan Lovelle

Ittrium Cryptocurrency

The Ittrium Cryptocurrency team strives to develop a market leading cryptocurrency that is price stable, offering fair returns via PoS & Masternodes. I’ve been involved with this project since its launch in August 2018. I’m currently positioned as the Creative & Community Manager; taking care of all things design & web based.

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CBD | Perth Web Services - Jordan Lovelle

CBD | Corporate Business Direct

Corporate Business Direct (CBD) has been a Telstra Business & Enterprise Specialist Partner since 2010. CBD is proud to have been recognised as the WA Telstra Business Dealer of 2012/13 being for excellence in sales and service.

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Qwertycoin Cryptocurrency | Perth Web Services - Jordan Lovelle

Qwertycoin Foundation

Qwertycoin – simple, seamless, safe. Qwertycoin is an anonymous cryptocurrency based off the CryptoNote project. We aim to make a cryptocurrency that is easy to use for everyone of all ages.

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Solar Panels Perth | Perth Web Services - Jordan Lovelle

SolarYou | Perth Solar Panels

Solar panel sales and solar panel installations is our specialty. As certified/accredited professional solar alternative energy systems services company in Perth WA, we also provide free consultation as to the best value solar system for your needs.

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Financial Solutions IQ | Perth Web Services - Jordan Lovelle

Financial Solutions IQ

Let’s be honest, when it comes to seeking a loan there can sometimes be a catch or road blocks, which means it’s never as easy as it looks. Here at Financial Solutions IQ we understand the struggle this can cause and pride ourselves on ensuring our clients have a stress free pathway from start to approval. Check us out now for all your first home-buyers’ needs. Questions? Get in touch now.

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Du Clene Commercial Cleaning | Perth Web Services - Jordan Lovelle

DuClene Pty. Ltd.

Du Clene Pty Ltd is a customer satisfaction oriented commercial cleaning company. We make sure our clients receive a high level of professionalism, effective communication, staff performance monitoring and an excellent value for money service. We work closely with our clients as a means to providing the best possible service while maintaining a long lasting relationship.

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CannaLabs | Perth Web Services - Jordan Lovelle


CannaLabs was established to provide an easy and affordable option for cannabinoid potency profiling. Giving confidence to anyone from patients, carers to researchers by analysing cannabinoids and amounts are in their medicine. CannaLabs is Australia’s first specialised cannabinoid research laboratory, with a searchable database of medicinal cannabis reports.

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PepNet | Perth Web Services - Jordan Lovelle

PepNet Technologies

PepNet provides professional networking solutions that support multi-WAN with failover, load balancing & WAN bonding features for mobile, fleet, wireless and wired applications. As PepNet is an Australian gold level Peplink partner & stocker, we will configure & design the right solution for your business. Peplink’s products set out to create the most reliable and easiest-to-use routers.

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MEUUS - Human Resources & Change Management


Meuus has been many years in the making. It is driven by the desire of Bev and Janice to make a difference in a change environment by looking at the entire impact of change on an organisation. We are passionate about taking employees on a journey in business transformation that engages them in the change process and results in positive and effective business solutions.

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